The art by which a fine and realistic portrait of yourself, your family, a friend or an other special person is drawn. With high sense of precision and attention for detail Emilie Zoethout carefully draws a portrait with pencil, charcoal or other materials on paper or other surfaces (if desired). All drawings are manually drawn by Emilie Zoethout. It takes around 8 to 40 hours per drawing (depending on the size and number of faces). 

A drawn portrait is a unique and personal gift for yourself, a family member or a special person. Emilie Zoethout’s handmade portaits have been given and used for exceptional occasions such as birthdays, weddings, memorials, valentines, lifetime achievements and celebrations or simply as a piece of art capturing a special moment with special people.

What makes Emilie’s work extra rewarding is the moment and stories that come along when a person has a first glimpse at the artwork.

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ZoethArt by Emilie
T: +31 6 12 70 32 92

Examples of various PortraitArts


ZoethArt in the media